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Wedlake is namesa known name when it comes to finding a quality bungalow for sale in Oakville. Homebuyers looking for these types of properties trust our rich and extensive experience in the Oakville real estate market.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents who know the market inside and out, can help you with your homebuying journey. We provide you with the following:

  • Advice about the current market value and demand for bungalows so that an estimation can be made about the future resale value
  • Information on and how to filter for the best properties in the area
  • Accompanying you while meeting sellers and assisting you in every step of the process to ensure you get a fair deal
  • Giving you an informative brief about the pros and cons of every area and property in Oakville you are interested in
  • Assistance during negotiation over price of the bungalow you’ve selected
  • Managing all the documentations related to the property deal

Wedlake Team has a highly efficient team of realtors who know the market and the locality thoroughly, making it easier for them to give you an insider’s view on the entire area and its properties.

Advantages of Living in a Bungalow in Oakville

Bungalows hold great value in the real estate market. They offer a lot to those living in one, such as:

  • Potential for expansion
  • Encourages independent living
  • Spacious with open space layout
  • Stylish appearance
  • Greater privacy compared to townhomes or condos
  • Perfect for seniors and people with mobility issues (no stairs in the house; mostly single-storey)

Bungalows are great property investments for people looking for an independent home. Our realtors can help you find the perfect bungalow for sale in Oakville and its neighbourhoods.

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Wedlake’s Advice on How to Buy the Most Suitable Bungalow for Sale in Oakville

Buying a big property like a bungalow is a major investment decision and needs to be taken with care. Here’s what real estate experts at Wedlake have to say on what to consider before buying bungalows in Oakville.

  • Check for free space on all sides of the house for further construction opportunities such as gardening spaces or patios
  • Look for contemporary features that can help the resale of the property in the future
  • Check the number of rooms in the bungalow to plan the accommodation of guest rooms, children, pets and storerooms
  • Think about the location, as bungalows located in distant suburbs make daily commutes more challenging
  • Go for a well constructed bungalow instead of one listed at a cheap price as property with high-end specifications have a better resale value

Oakville provides an ideal location for businessowners with easy access to three 400-series highways, two international airports, two shipping ports and intermodal rail facilities. The GO Transit trains are available every 30 minutes from Oakville and it connects throughout the GTA. Two additional stations– Bronte GO and Oakville GO, are also located in the town. The Oakville Transit offers travel options for locals and connects the two GO stations in Oakville.

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