Seller's Guide

Looking To sell?

With all the different steps and challenges that you need to take in order to get top dollar for your home, it can seem quite intimidating when you are trying to sell. Wedlake Team works with sellers step by step in order to answer any questions that they have about the process as well as meet all house sale goals. Provided below is information to help you on your seller’s journey.

Buyers Or Sellers Market?

It is important to know what type of market you are going into in order to get the most value for your home.

A Buyers Market is when there are more homes on the market than there are buyers. Due to this, homes sit unsold on the market and sellers tend to lower prices in order to get their home sold. This is good for buyers as they have more room to negotiate the sale.

A Sellers Market is when there are more buyers looking for home than there are sellers. Due to the demand, houses sell quicker and usually with multiple offers which may lead to houses selling for over the asking price.

Selling Tips
  • Curb Appeal Is Important! Making a good first impression when potential buyers come to visit your home. Planting flowers, mowing the law, and cleaning up your yard goes a long way to making your house look more inviting.
  • Small Improvements! Outdated paint? Uncleaned carpets? These small but noticable things can turn away buyers quickly. Making small improvements to your home can help increase its value and get it sold quicker.
  • Staging Your Home! Remove clutter, excess furniture, and other things that don’t match the homes aesthetic. This makes your home look more spacious and pleasing.
  • Clean Everything! Make sure that you clean every part of the house. Potential buyers check every room so making sure that the bathroom is squeaky clean is important.
Receiving Offers

It is important that you have a Real Estate agent look over your offer as the terms and conditions of the sale may vary. The Wedlake Team can help walk you through each step to make sure that you fully understand the details of the offer you received. If you are not satisfied with what the offer presents, she can help you negotiate and counter offer with the buyer.

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