Feb 5
Houses vs Condos – Which Is a Better Investment

Houses vs Condos – Which Is a Better Investment?

Being in the Oakville real estate market for several years, we come across one of the most debated questions that home buyers often seek help for – a condo or a house? But the truth is, each option has its advantages and disadvantages and the purchas […]

Dec 7
Oakville Real Estate Market - Luxurious Town in GTA

Why Oakville Is the Best Place to Live in Canada?

Do you have your eye on a home for sale in Oakville? You’ll be happy to know that MoneySense magazine has declared Oakville as the best place to live in Canada in 2018. So, maybe you should start looking for a property in this town. The major cities; […]

Nov 13

Ask the Registrar: Legalization of Cannabis

October 16, 2018 Soon it will be legal to grow up to four marijuana plants in Ontario residences. How do I handle trades involving a home that has had this number of plants grown within it? On October 17, 2018, it will become legal to purchase an […]

Oct 8

Oakville’s Upcoming Condo Launches in 2018

The picturesque town of Oakville is regarded as one of the most affluent areas in the GTA and is renowned for offering world-class housing. Over the past decade, the area has undergone massive revitalization, which is evident in numerous state-of-the […]