Why Oakville Is the Best Place to Live in Canada?

Do you have your eye on a home for sale in Oakville? You’ll be happy to know that MoneySense magazine has declared Oakville as the best place to live in Canada in 2018. So, maybe you should start looking for a property in this town. The major cities; Ottawa, Milton and Toronto, gave a tough competition to Oakville but ended up at 2nd, 6th and 16th place respectively.

You might be surprised by the results of this best livable place hunt, but, we’re not. Being a part of the Oakville real estate market, we knew that this town deserves this title as it offers the best to its residents in access to education, health care services and other amenities. We couldn’t agree more with the results as the quality of life offered in Oakville is simply unparalleled.

Many people might disapprove of MoneySense’s declaration as Oakville ranked 15th in the same survey in 2017. So, what made it top the list this year? Let’s read this post and find out why.

Strong Economy

One of the major driving forces that made Oakville the most livable city in Canada is its robust economy. The average household income of this town is $161,540 whereas the unemployment rate is only 5.7%. Moreover, 80% of the residents have post-secondary education. Being in close proximity to Canada’s largest city Toronto, its ideal location has attracted various companies of all sizes, thus increasing the employment opportunities of this place. Ford Canada, Siemens Canada, HATCH and UTC Aerospace Systems are some of the big employers in Oakville. Land, taxes and development charges in Oakville are competitive, compared to other cities of the GTA. As a result, several corporate leaders choose this thriving place for setting their business.

Enviable Lifestyle

Many people come to us looking for houses for sale in Oakville just to become a resident and enjoy the enviable recreation and lifestyle of this happening place. From the natural beauty of Lake Ontario to the majestic architecture of historic and modern buildings, this place offers the best visual appeal along with entertainment and leisure options. Oakville has some great attractions including more than 20 golf courses like Glen Abbey Golf Club, over 2,400 acres of parkland, performing arts centre, high-end restaurants and fabulous shopping spaces for residents and tourists.

Educational Opportunities

A great community is incomplete without a great education system. Oakville is home to some of the best educational institutions that offer residents to have access to world-class learning opportunities at every level. Sheridan College, a well-known institution for digital media and animation programs and Appleby College and MacLachlan College, two of the top public and private schools in the country. Also, McMaster University, University of Toronto and Mohawk College are within driving distance from Oakville.

Low Crime Rates

Oakville is one of the safest communities in Canada. According to the Statistics Canada report titled ‘Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2017’, Halton region had the lowest Crime Severity Index of all Canadian municipalities with a population of 100,000. The region had the lowest overall crime rate as well as the lowest rate for property crime and violent crime rate. This is a key factor why Oakville is the best place to reside, work and raise a family. If you’re looking for a place where you can live peacefully without worrying about your safety, consider buying a home in Oakville.

Convenient Location

As mentioned earlier, Oakville is in close proximity to Toronto. The city has intermodal rail access and 400-series highways (401, 403 and 407) connecting the community to the GTA and both southern and eastern Ontario. Also, the Queen Elizabeth Way makes transportation to Toronto and the US border very convenient. It only takes 25 minutes to reach B. Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest and busiest airport that provides access to more than 180 destinations including Boston, New York and Chicago. The easy commute and transportation options offered by the Oakville municipality makes life so much easier for the residents. Oakville is indeed the best place to live in Canada.

Good Investment Opportunities

Oakville is a sound investment location for people interested in investing in property. The growing population, infrastructure and employment opportunities, make this place a perfect choice for real estate investors to get good ROI. With the average home price skyrocketing, more and more people are looking forward to investing in homes for sale in Oakville and use it for long-term property appreciation. The flourishing real estate market of this thriving place is one of the reasons why Canadians love Oakville so much and consider it to be the most sought-after place to live. After all, owning a property in such a wonderful city is a dream come true.

Hopefully, the above-listed points have made it clear why Oakville made it to the top spot of the best place to live in Canada. It is a beautiful, convenient, advanced, safe and thriving city with a rich cultural heritage. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a home in Oakville and move to this wonderful and lively city. If you need help in finding your home, contact Wedlake Team.

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